Triple Rewards Earth Opportunities in Red Dead Online

Prepare and prepare to serve justice quickly with a muzzle with Jessica LeClerk at Red Dead Online this week. Story assignments deal with a lot of experience points along with some other activities, while your character can get away from having to worry about bills due to ongoing discounts.

Initiate A land of opportunity A series of story assignments After Jessica Leclerc and her boyfriend, Hurley seeks revenge against criminals who killed her husband in cold blood. By helping Mrs. LeClerk, you won’t gain a double, but three times the usual experience points for these story missions until July 13.

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In addition, all Free Roam and Free Roam Events missions reward players who earn triple experience points throughout the week, in case you are tired of A Land Of Opportunities missions, or have played through them in the past and feel no desire to review them. Unfortunately, there are no rewards this week that boost gold rewards or gold prizes, but hopefully, things will be different next week!

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However, there are many discounts and even some free services offered at the border. All Barber Shop services, including hairdressing, shaving, as well as free cosmetic and dental services throughout the week if you are keen to give your character a fresh new look, or just regain your civilized behavior after a long time in the wild.

Moreover, everything Power cards As well as the Fast travel Half-price service this week, with the latter being a boon for those of you who follow these free roaming events, free roaming missions and story mission rewards. And if getting a new hairstyle or makeup isn’t enough of a makeover, you can revitalize your in-game wardrobe with 40% off all hats, shirts, coats, and shoes.

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