The role of Naturalist DLC is now available on Red Dead Online

The The wait is overRed Dead Online received its first major DLC For a long time.

The Naturalist joins the list of available roles, and the third iteration of Outlaw Pass also kicks off. All kinds of new activities, weapons, events, missions, unique and exciting rewards that can be earned have filled the limits, waiting for you to explore all the new content.

Red Dead Online’s newest role is the main attraction here. By becoming a natural scientist, you will be able to track all the new species of legendary animals that have not been seen in the game, as well as the newly added unique species and subspecies. This role also offers greater diversity and interactivity by offering some moral options to the players.

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When you become a natural scientist, you will have the option of helping Harriet Davenport, an ardent enthusiast trying to learn from animals safely, or Gus Macmillan, the well-known trophy hunter who wants to take advantage of nature and get rich while doing this. The two will offer different types of activities and rewards, and if any player tries to play in both teams, they will know it – and they will not be happy with it.

If you are allied with Harriet, your missions will include hidden monitoring and oversight wild animals, Sometimes anesthetizing the samples and taking the samples – without killing the quarry. Choosing this path gives you special items like Varmint Gun Cartridges are soothing and animal grooming, letting you heal wounded creatures. Players will also be able to use special cameras for authentication.

On the other hand, Gus will pay large sums for exotic or unique skins or prizes from the killing game. If you take it on its width, bringing back the various animal body parts of the rare species will give you clothes and clothes Ornaments As a reward.

If you’re interested in getting started as a Natural Scientist at Red Dead Online, visit Strawberry and head to the Welcome Center for an Animal Field guide, and hear both Harriet and Gus as they try to hire your help. A whole host of new content will be opened regardless of who you choose to help with.

Physicists will have access to exclusive horse breeds, special-role clothing items and exciting new tonics that allow you to lose or gain weight and ignore weather effects. Experienced naturalists will be able to set up camp anywhere in the wild and end the suffering of animals with mercy killing. If the trigger fingers get itchy, you can always raid the illegal fishermen’s camps.

Similar to the legendary Bounties for the role of Bounty Hunter, The Naturalist will also get some very difficult weekly content in the coming months. New legendary animals will be available every week, which you can track either in free roaming or via animal vision assignments. Use the legendary animal a map To find your quarry, and to determine whether you are watching or killing.

The Naturalist required special equipment for their trade, which is why Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Updates their selections to meet these new needs. Capture the improved bow and elephant gun to help your career as a hunter, or capture an advanced camera that allows you to shoot interesting samples, or just take screenshots worth sharing with the game that you can touch with a selection of filters.

Two new free roaming events will keep natural scientists busy while outside. Legendary animal protection makes you reject hunters who try to land a majestic monster during migration, forcing you to protect the animal without getting close, lest it think you are an enemy as well. Wild animal tagging is a less violent hobby, mandating a group of natural scientists to house and tag wild animals. You can also numb any unjust fisherman you encounter!

Another big new thing that reaches Red Dead Online is The Outlaw Pass No. 3, which brings experienced players new high-level rewards to strive for. This repetition of Outlaw Pass has 80 ranks to climb, and you have until October 19, 2020 to reach the top. Bonuses include up to 40 Gold bars, Exclusive Clothes And Camp upgrades.

That is not all. In addition to these two major updates that hit Red Dead Online today, Rockstar has packaged a bunch of other smaller content additions in DLC. A huge variety of new random meetups have been added to free roaming, so you will hardly be able to walk two steps without finding anything new to distract you.

This may include fishermen looking for a little help, broken vehicles with looting awaiting looting or residents far from the city, who can help or steal them. The range of clothes and hairstyle has also been expanded significantly, and new feelings can help you play the roles better. In addition to the content, 250 bug fixes, balance adjustments, and other technical improvements have been applied.

Amidst all the new content, Rockstar hasn’t forgotten to offer weekly rewards too. Novice physicists can take advantage of the double rewards paid for Level 3 mythical animal samples and complete carcass sales, while just being a natural scientist at all will give you a redeemable reward for free clothes, accessories, or Emote.

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If you cool down and sample your first animal this week, you’ll also get a Gila Monster Camp Flag. Completing any mission of seeing the legendary animal will open up a unique colour scheme for Farnholme Double Bandolier, and in the end, the Wild Camp Scholarships will give you a free trial treasure a map.

You can also get a 30% discount offer on any promising novice or activist, plus another offer of 30% off a handgun of your choice. Weekly rewards include one free Power card2000 Nature’s Role in XP, Free Calming Vile Cartridges and Free Legendary Animal Chopper.

See you in the wild!

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