The role of Naturalist DLC and more is coming to Red Dead online next week

Have you noticed all the clowns on Red Dead Online recently? Rockstar for sure, and gives the community the response we’ve been waiting for!

New and great DLC The game is hit next week, with more to come. Time to wash the clown makeup – content dry out.

They announced on Rockstar Newswire, that they had revealed that both Red Dead Online and their other major title, Grand Theft Auto Online were getting some serious content processing in the near future, and later this year. Fortunately, they were more open about content plans coming to the Wild West.

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Next Tuesday, on July 28, a brand new role will come, to join the current squad Bounty Hunter, Mosque, The merchant And Liquor getaway.

Although the exact name has not been confirmed, the ad means it will be called Naturalist, or something to that effect.

Based on the two pictures shown, it appears that the new role is being taken in a similar direction to an ordinary hunter, but on steroids. Hunting is a general activity that does not play a role in the game, but by becoming a natural world, you will take things much further.

The naturalist can be an extension of one of the three original roles, such as How Moonshiner is a Branch of a Trader. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait long to see the details.

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Rockstar has also revealed that there are more important updates on the horizon, and 2020 will not be empty and sluggish from a content standpoint. One of our current roles getting a serious upgrade with all sorts of new content and mechanics that goes beyond the modifications we already have, and other undisclosed DLC will soon be available as well.

Stay tuned for more information about Naturalist as we quickly get close to the release!

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