The limited run of clothing goes back to Red Dead Online

Accessories on the border is essential. You will not want to be caught dead wearing something not fashionable and with all the dangers, wild animals, bandits, jurists and sad players around, death is always at the door. Fortunately, some limited-time clothes returned to Red Dead Online this week – albeit briefly.

Several fans’ favorite items from Wheeler and Rawson & Co Limited stock are available again until April 13. The full list includes crocodile hat, tied pants, smoked squat hat, strickland shoes, winter winter coat, calhoun shoes, bunbo jacket, fakero baroque spears and Ortega jacket.

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Featured this week Frontline series The playlist is a new look in your weapon’s name. This time, the weaker the weapon you use to land, the more points you earn. To this end, game mode uploads have been modified to include more powerful and explosive weapons. The maps shown are Fort Mercer, Tall Trees, and Heartlands Oil Fields.

treasure hunter He could commit this week – especially if they refrain from killing. All Bounty payments, including legendary reward payments, are boosted by 50%. University ranking It should also be easy, with XP bonus dual role in entire group sales, as well as Condor Egg and Salvage Collector Free Roam Events.

Rank Rewards offer, with rewards for every 10 rows climbed from 1 to 60, continues, allowing players to get rewards like free weapons, special discounts and change the character’s appearance. This is a stockpile of the previous round of rewards, extended due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

Both the Bounty Hunter license and the collectors’ bag are deducted at 5 Gold bars This week, the rest of the discounts are directed towards these roles as well. Collector maps are 80% off, Criollo and Breton Horses at 70% off, both from role-playing clothes at half the price, and Bounty Wagon at 40% off.

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