Single player opinion: stop paying rewards

The criminality system is used a little bit in one player sometimes with how to blame you when you defend yourself, but frankly I found that I enjoyed criminalizing the game even more when I stopped trying to pay rewards.

It is my opinion that Rockstar did not intend to pay each reward every time you get a reward. I let mines accumulate. If a crime is committed in a town, it is on short alert, but ultimately this disappears even though please do not.

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It causes the award hunters to chase you randomly in the open world and frankly find these exciting little ambushes. If no one sees you killing them, your bonus price will not move.

One of my favorite moments in the game was because of those looking for random rewards.

On the farm between Valentine and Emerald Ranch (closer to the farm) she was ambushed by Bounty Hunters. I ran inside the house and hid and saw what I think is part of the artificial intelligence system that not many people will see.

Prize hunters actually follow your path in real time, so they went around the house by following the path I was just running while doing things before I saw them. They spent some time outside talking to each other, tracing my footprints. It turns out, Bounty Hunters are talking together while they’re looking for you. There were 3, and two of them insisted that the third was terrible in tracking and was also illiterate, just for good metrics I guess. He felt insulted and chose to walk away while installing and messing around near a window where I was hiding inside. I had a fitted bow, so I put on my mask, wall-mounted across the window this guy was next to. I put an arrow through this window window in this men’s neck. He fell off his horse, who fled, and put screams outside for 15 seconds, bleeding. His friends went on alert, choosing not to help him and instead entered the house and drove me out. Unfortunately they were doing this at the same time, and the first man slowly slipped into the room where I was hiding and entered into a knife battle with him that ended up in the kitchen with him dead on the floor and canned goods everywhere. The third and last man placed himself in front of the entrance to the house / kitchen where he only saw the body of the man who had just entered, Clearly prepare, Then the door rushed with a gun. Unfortunately for him, I was just inside the door frame and ran to my side, so I threw a throwing knife at the back of his head and fell over his dead friend, and blood was all over the kitchen. Everything unwritten and artificial intelligence adapts to the situation of outlaws hiding clearly in or around the home and designed for the most intense moments of gameplay in the story mode you went through in a year of playing the game.

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