Rockstar pledges revenue to help combat COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit most countries and is now in almost every industry, with far-reaching impacts worldwide. The game industry is similarly affected, with delays and cancellations everywhere, but some companies are likely to be less vulnerable than others, and now Rockstar is falling.

Starting today, Rockstar Games will donate 5% of its revenue from in-game purchases to various relief efforts to help those most affected by the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus. this means He went Purchases at Red Dead Online and Shark Card at GTA Online will help vital industries and independent companies stay on their feet.

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Many people switched to setting up a home office, provided their profession allowed them to work from home. This also usually means that many players spend much more time at home and have more time to play on their hands. For others, strict quarantine measures have led to unemployment and financial instability.

Since more players spend more time in Red Dead Online, it almost guarantees the sales of Gold and Shark Card. This means that Rockstar is not getting hit – quite the opposite – putting them in an ideal position to help those less fortunate.

While this announcement was announced on April 1, it is not a joke on April Fools. This will be re-introducing snow into Red Dead Online and GTA Online today. With the frontier completely covered in Snow, now is the perfect time to go online with your friends and play together while staying apart from each other to help fight the epidemic the only way most of us can – by staying home.

If you are on Fence About buying at Rockstar Exact transactions Before, maybe it is time to pull that particular trigger, and for good reason.

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