Rockstar identifies Red Dead Online KKK Bug

A particularly disturbing piracy recently appeared in Red Dead Online and has particularly targeted people of color. It is no accident that the sudden rise in this exploitation occurred soon, and later, a wave of protests against police brutality in the United States of America and elsewhere in the world. Fortunately, Rockstar fixed this offer, but the main problem remains.

Rockstar multiplayer attempts have a history with hackers and cheaters. Grand Theft Auto Online has been afflicted for years and still not clean on my computer. Things were better with Red Dead Online, but you still have pirates from time to time screaming the lobby. Sometimes hackers do silly, amusing things. They usually do mildly noisy things. Not this time.

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Players are starting to report Reddit and other community sites that pirates are generating hostile NPC characters with a single player KKK character model, or converting their own model to him. In single player mode, you can randomly meet a group of KKK members, you can kill them without blame. They weren’t supposed to be online.

This was done in the same way that hackers used to breed Two skeletons with his head and the like. The difference is that pirates will now make up ‘KKK’ Possesses“Harassing anyone who plays a non-white character while using racist display names, and using the in-game messaging system to spread hate speech.

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Many players began documenting the disgusting phenomenon on Twitter, and showed the types of messages these racist trolls would send while spawning white unconvincing characters. With a renewed focus on rampant ethnic inequality in our societies being a hot topic after the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer, it is clear which side these hackers take.

Rockstar was fast in the draw and put an end to this bad. The game has been updated to check the assets anytime a new asset is loaded, and if the KKK NPC template is automatically deleted. The developers did not address the issue beyond confirming the implementation of the fix.

Earlier this month, Rockstar games Red Dead Online and GTA Online servers temporarily blocked a tribute to George Floyd. Racism remains a prevalent problem in online gaming communities, and it is up to both players and developers to ensure that these virtual spaces are open and welcome to everyone.

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