Red Dead’s Bounty Hunter Rewards online this week

Bounty Hunters seem to get special weekly events that focus on them a lot, and this week is no exception. Get lasso and bolas and get fishing in the name of fame and fortune, or to make borders a safer place. There are many items on the discount as well to sweeten the deal.

Certain rewards Prize Hunting Activities are enhanced, making it more than your time to accept contracts. Legendary Rewards will now pay an additional 50% of $ RDO and XP XP throughout the week. Additionally, there are additional rewards in store for both new and arriving Bounty Hunters.

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Anyone who buys a license this week, and starts their journey on the Bounty Hunter track, will get a gift worth RDO $ 200. They and anyone who already has Bounty Hunter can get a reward of $ 100 USD for arranging them at least once a week.

If you are a veteran who has completed the full progression of the Bounty Hunter role, there is something for you too. Max Rounty Hunters will get a gift of 10 sticks of flying dynamite treasure a map Which leads to greater riches.

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Since many players are likely to embark on their new lives like Bounty Hunters this week, many key elements of the profession have been discounted. Get single Bandoliers, Double Bandoliers, sniper rifles and livestock at 40% off.

If you like accessories rather than spending on equipment, many clothes items are also deducted. All skirts, seasons and half-classes have been reduced by 40%, plus a selection of winter coats – these include leather ashtray, Hagen coat, Durham coat, Bison Duster coat, Torranca coat, Finley jacket, Tempest coat, Dunaway coat, Cinched jacket, Sheep wool jacket, Ballard jacket and Margin Riggs coat. You can stay warm and elegant at the same time!

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