Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Animal Sites - hunt rare animals in RDR 2!

Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Animal Sites – hunt rare animals in RDR 2!

One of my favorite parts of Red Dead Redemption is hunting. There is such a quiet thing, just head into the wilderness to track down some games. You can do this with just the animals that roam around, but you can also challenge yourself a little more to take down legendary monsters.

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Now, this is a fun challenge and will take a lot of time, but there is a practical use for it as well. You will need to kill legendary animals to obtain ornaments and talismans, which give you temporary amateurs for your cores and can influence other parts of the game. Some small ornaments slow down the degradation of weapons, help you get high-quality parts when peeling, and stop animals stored on your horse from being damaged. Not only that, but there are some things that increase your stamina, dead eye and even money obtained through looting. These are just jewelry. The talisman is more powerful. It will reduce the speed of attrition of dead cores, health, and stamina!

RDR 2 Legendary Animal Tips

  • Take your legendary swallow to the hunter and sell it for some extra cash. This is not completely required, and you will still be able to purchase all the items that require portions of the animal.
  • You cannot sell mythical stones to anyone but the hunter.
  • The shell of a mythical animal has no classification, it is always “perfect” so you do not need to kill it in a specific way.
  • Search ? Mark your map to find the exact location of the first guide. If you are struggling to find it, you can use Eagle Eye to locate it. You will see a yellow swirl mark in the air marking the stain. Once you’ve located this, you can track the path and it should be easy to follow.
  • When you find the legendary animal, be sure to use your dead eye to kill it. Animals absorb a lot of damage, so getting rid of a bunch of shots on them “for free” will remove them quite easily. The animals cause a lot of damage, and they will shoot you one shot if you can get close enough.
  • Buy some quick ammunition that will do more damage to the specific gun you want to use. You might be better off with a repeater or one of your rifles, because you’ll want to go to the dead eye and spam as many shots as possible on the animal’s face.
  • Most animals will drop an additional element that you can use when fencing to buy a trinket. Ornaments give you a lasting touch to your health, your dead eye, or a certain thing.
  • There are not only ornaments, but there are also talismans. This is much more difficult to craft, and you’ll need some additional elements to create it. Some talismans even require you to complete other side questions to get the specific item required to purchase them.
  • Some legendary animals require you to either be too far away in the story or to end them completely.

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Hunter sites

When one of these mythical animals lands, you will need to take the crust to the nearest hunter in order not to degrade. Here is a list of sites:

RDR 2 locations of legendary animals

Grizzly bear

Grizzly legendary bear is the first introduction to these animals. Hosea will begin this quest with you and show you the ropes on how to track them down. You will see a question mark on your map, if you head to that area and use your dead eye on it, you will see a yellow column of smell. You can then track it and follow the path to the next guide. Follow this guide, and you’ll find the gray bear. Make sure that your dead eyes start from a distance so that you can drop enough shots onto the bear before it can reach you. This monster causes a lot of damage, and if it is too close, you may be doomed to failure!

You’ll find the gray bear north of O’Creagh’s Run in eastern Grizzlies.

Map of the legendary gray bear


Legendary Beaver is located to the west of Van Van Trading Post. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about getting a grudge during this search. After you find the second guide, make sure not to run quickly to the site. Do not want beaver to escape from you!

The legendary beaver map


To the west of Valentine near Cattail Pond which is south of Grizzlies West, you’ll find the legendary Ram!

The legendary Ram map


You can find the legendary pig north of the Lagras swamp, in the Bluewater Marsh area near the Kamassa River.

Map of the legendary pigs


Buck Legaryary Buck can be found in Big Valley, this is on the west side of the map which is northwest of Lake Strawberry and Owanjila.

Legendary Buck map


Bullgator south of Lagras can be found in swamps. You will need to make sure to keep him in range, because he’s a big guy who’ll bite you with real speed.

The legendary Bullgator map

American Lion

To search for the legendary Cougar car, you’ll need to finish the main story. You’ll find him wandering west of Tumbleweed at Gaptooth Ridge. Cougar is another incredibly fast sprint enemy, so be sure to sneak in and remove it quickly or else it will be chopped down. This may be the most dangerous, as he gets a hint from you very quickly and will attack instantly.

The legendary Cougar map

American wolf – kyote

You can find the legendary Coyote in Lemoyne, north of Rhodes, in Scarlet Meadows.

The legendary prairie wolf map


To the east of Bacchus Station you can find Elk Legendary Elk. This is near Donner Falls in the Cumberland Forest area.

Legendary deer map


The legendary fox can be found north of Rhodes and southern Mattock Bond in Scarlett Meadows.

Legendary Fox map

A huge American deer

If you are looking for the legendary Moose, it can be found in the northeastern part of the map north of Brandy Wine Drops in Roanoke Ridge.

Legendary Moss Map


This is another story that you’ll need to complete the story to select. The legendary Pronghorn can be found near the Rio del Lobo Rock and southwest of Don Julio Lake in Rio Bravo.

Legendary Pronghorn map

Tatanka Bison

Another of the animals that requires you to finish the story. You will find Tatanka Bison to the southeast of Macfarlane Farm and to the northwest of Manteca Falls at Hennigan’s Stead.

The legendary Tatanka Bison map

White bison

You read that correctly, there are two prisons! Legendary white bison can be found near Lake Isabela, which is located in Grizzlies West, Ambareno.

Legendary white bison map


The Legendary Wolf is located near Cotorra Springs, northwest of Bacchus Station, near the Wapiti Indian Reserve.

Legendary wolf map

Reward the legendary animal

Now this is for standard legendary animals that you’ll want to hunt down, but if you really want to complete them all, there is a final challenge that you’ll need to do. This will take a long time, because you will have to complete Master Hunter challenges to get them.

Master Hunter Challenges

  • The skin of the three deer
  • Get three perfect quality bunny belts
  • Track 10 different animals with your binoculars
  • Get clean kills after calling an animal 5 times
  • The skin is 3 black or gray bears
  • Kill 5 cougars with your bow and then whip them
  • Use the bait to attract and kill both herbivorous and predator
  • Hold 3 fish without using a fishing rod
  • Catch opossum Play opossum

Once you have done all this, you will unleash the last legendary animal “Jaguaru”.

Tiger “Jaguaru”

If you complete all these challenges, then you can try to take down the legendary tiger. You’ll find it to the east of Braithwaite Manor and South Rhodes in Scarlett Meadows! This is similar to your battle against Cougar, so be careful because it will attack you very quickly and powerfully.

Map of the legendary tiger

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