Red Dead Online honors George Floyd with a temporary blackout

Red Dead Online didn’t get the usual weekly update two days ago, and it’s pretty clear why. Rockstar Games announced earlier today that Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online have been temporarily transferred to the internet to honor George Floyd’s legacy.

A number of gaming companies have released data announcing support for equality protesters across the United States. Rockstar Games replaced its social media profile and cover photos with black and white photos earlier this week, allowing players to know the reason for the Red Dead Online event.

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Earlier in the day, Rockstar announced via Twitter that both Red Dead Online and GTA Online services would be temporarily unavailable. The tweet started with “Important Black Life” and stated that the decision to transfer multiplayer games to the Internet was made in memory of George Floyd, a black man killed by police in Minneapolis on May 25.

Servers were unavailable between 2: 00-4: 00 p.m. ET. After recovering the games again, the game company asked players to support various groups fighting for equal rights and an end to discrimination across the site Charitable explorer.

Neither Take two Interactive games or Rockstar revealed whether they donated to any charities or not, but 2K Games, another Take-Two subsidiary, has pledged an additional $ 1 million to 2K Foundations, which will now also seek to combat discrimination. Whether or not this is the group’s only contribution.

With Red Dead Online once again available, players must remember that video games provide a haven for players of all backgrounds and races. Unfortunately, racism often spreads in online interactions, especially in competitive gaming modes, so we should all strive to make boundaries as welcoming to black players as they do to others.

Our team stands by Rockstar’s feelings. Blacks live the article.

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