RDR2 - In-game menus with WASD

RDR2 – In-game menus with WASD

This mod allows you to interact in the in-game menus with WASD. Other key connections can also be changed to Will smarter as well.

I do not understand english. I am sorry if it is difficult to understand my English.

Copy the “KeyMappings” file to the Savedata folder. If you have a Rockstar launcher version, this is usually:
% USERPROFILE% Documents Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption 2 Profiles \

Major changes:

[In-Game Menus]
Top = w, top
Down = S, Down
Left = A, Left
Right = D, right
Acceptance = distance and return
Cancel = F, backspace

[On Horse]
Horse whistle = Z
Incorrect with animal = X

[Wagons, Boats & Trains]
Lamp = F
Whistle training = X
Car seat change = G

[Combat, Lock-On & Interact]
Aim in the air = Z
Change the width of the camera shoulder = X
Weapon Zoom = Mouse wheel up
Miniaturizing arms = mouse wheel down
Next weapon =>
Previous weapon = < [Inventory]
Next wheel list = Q, R
Next Wheels List = Mouse Wheel Up
Previous Wheel List Element = Mouse Wheel Down
Open Item Wheel = T

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