RDR2 - Extending Bonus - Rdr2 Mods Download

RDR2 – Extending Bonus – Rdr2 Mods Download

This mod adds some new reward missions to the single Red Dead Redemption 2 player.
Until version 1.0.0 there are 4 bonus missions added by this mod.

how to play:
He appeared on one of the new award posters on the map. It’s in a different location from the game featured in bonus collision stickers.
Collect it.
Head to the new bonus area added to your map.
Select a target and a hogtie.
Go to the police station.
Drop the target from the cell and get your reward.

Known issues:
Sometimes some strikes are not removed.
Welcome to inform you if you have encrypted other issues, please add the log file (BountiesExpansion.log)

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