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RDR2 – Absolute Patch

Thin color correction, contrast and sharpness for RDR2.

The vanilla RDR2 on PC is definitely pretty, but blurry and washes colors, especially when compared to console versions. Because of my disappointment, I made this ReShade hidden in advance.

What this ReShade does in advance:
– Remove the exaggerated green / gray filter included in the computer version
– Make the colors a little more vibrant
– Increase image clarity and contrast in general to prevent a “faded” appearance
Increased clarity (vanilla is a misty mess, check the recommended settings below for more improvements)
Slightly reduce shading

What ReShade does not do in advance:
Significant change of the original color balance
– Change the original contrast greatly
– Change colors to be more “like imagination”
Dark Smash
– Change the general atmosphere of the game
– Make your eyes hurt after some time
– It affects your performance

First, make sure your screen is calibrated to lagom.nl/lcd-test/ (it will take less than 10 minutes)
Download this preset, extract it using 7-Zip, then put the .ini file in the RDR2.exe folder
– Download the latest version of ReShade from reshade.me and install it on RDR2, choose Vulkan API when prompted and then enable ReShade for all Vulkan games
– Go to “Modify ReShade Settings”, change “Preset” to “Absolute Correction.ini” and check the “Performance Mode” and “Skip Tutorial” boxes.
– Open RDR2.

Recommended settings:
Gamma / brightness virtual game
Medium -TA (very high, blurry and costs a lot of performance)
-TAA Sharpness at around 25%
-FXAA On (It looks like TAA in this game was intended for use with FXAA, check city lights at night or moon for example)
– If you have NVidia GPU, you can disable LumaSharpen in the ReShade Options menu and activate Sharpening via NVidia panel instead, as it looks and works better. Try “Sharpen 0.29, ignore 0.17”.

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