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Rockstar recently released a long-awaited release new update For Red Dead Online, nearly seven months after no new content. The natural DLC Not only brought with it heaps of new content but also more than 250 bug fixes!

The newly added role in the update revolves around observing or hunting different animals, and also brings new exclusive Legendary animals To Red Dead Online. Once you get this role, you will have many new options and a new recipe just for categorizing different types.

Transformation into a natural world

To start, you need to head to Strawberry. You will notice a yellow magnifying glass on a mapIt is the strawberry welcome centre. The name of the meeting is “On the Nature of Monsters”.

Once in the Welcome Center, you’ll meet Harriet Davenport and Gus MacMillan in Mashhad, an introduction to the role of Naturalist. You can become a natural scientist by purchasing a sample of Harriet for 25 Gold bars.

If you have enough gold bars you’ll get the option to buy it in the middle of the picture, but if not, you’ll be able to meet Harriet in Free Roam and then buy it from later.

Animal field guide

You will also get an animal field guide with the sample kit. These are two essential elements for your exploitation as a natural world. The field guide includes all-new species added to the game with this DLC.

You’ll get a legendary animal map just like the one you get Story mode very. The map will show you the approximate locations of legendary animals.

The Animal Field Guide tracks your progress as you complete challenges in it. The challenges are quite clear, but since they are new, little help will not disappear. There are a total of 10 categories, which include several different types of animals.

The categories included are:

  • Agricultural land habitat research notes on domesticated animals found in farms and rural settlements
  • Desert habitatsStudy of desert housing creatures adapted to survival in extreme conditions
  • Wetland habitats: Information on the various species found in the swamps, tall grass, and bios
  • Mountain and rangelands habitatsSearch for animals that live in rangelands, hills, and rocky mountain areas
  • Forest and river habitats: Examining animals in dense forest areas, alongside rivers and streams
  • Common creatures: Research notes on smaller creatures found in urban and wild urban areas
  • Legendary animals – darkStudies of a group of unique animals known for their dark skins and coats
  • Mythical animals – light notes: Collected on rare animals, they were left pale due to abnormal pigmentation
  • Legendary animals – red and blond: Research collected on animals famous for their red or blond coloring
  • Legendary animals – patterned studies of rare creatures with uniquely carved skins

Complete each category with stamping or animal sampling of cash rewards by trading in the category. The rewards are as follows:

  • Agricultural land habitats: $ 60
  • Desert habitats: $ 80
  • Wetland habitats: $ 110
  • Mountain and rangelands habitats: $ 140
  • Forest and river habitats: $ 160
  • Common creatures: Samples cannot be taken or stamped
  • Legendary animals – dark: $ 680
  • Mythical animals – light: 500 dollars
  • Legendary animals – red and blond: $ 700
  • Legendary animals – patterned: $ 480

Conclusion challenges

The challenges within the feed are simple and repetitive, but take time.

Challenges include:

  • Keep track of: This simply means that you need to track a particular animal as you normally would
  • killing: Kill a specific animal in any way you prefer
  • the skin you can flog the animal after killing it to record this challenge as complete for that specific animal
  • LessonStudy the animal as usual by watching it from a distance, either by using your sight or aiming it
  • anestheticThis is a new feature that allows you to calm animals with Varmint Gun. There are separate ammunition types for this in the game now
  • SamplingThis is also one of the new added features in the game that allow you to try an animal after being drugged
  • Photographed: You can photograph the animal. It is better to photograph an animal before killing it

Completing each specific challenge such as tracking, killing, or sampling gives you 50 experience points in the role of nature.

Harriet Davenport or Gus Macmillan

There are two main characters in the new Naturalist role, both of whom are opposed to each other and the opinions they hold regarding animals. Harriet prefers to keep wild animals While Goss tends more towards killing them and making a profit.

The new update adds Harriet Davenport as the main naturalist role character while Gus is in the game as a Trapper. You can buy all the elements related to the role directly by visiting Harriet by locating a magnifying glass on the map.

Gus MacMillan offers different clothing sets, jewellery, clothing items, equipment, and ammunition, just as the hunter does in Story Mode as well. You can purchase new ammunition from both Harriet and Goss.

If the animals are killed, you will receive a notification indicating that Harriet is not satisfied with your actions. Doing challenges / actions for any of the characters makes them happy.

Harriet Davenport shop items

Harriet introduces a wide range of new role-oriented natural elements that unlock them as you advance and uplift Naturalist.

itemDescribeThe rank of natureprice
Venetian Cartridges – Soothing Saliva x20A soothing ammo box designed to safely sleep animals1$ 0.80
Tonic blendingIt reduces the range for animals to discover for a period of time1$ 22.50
Animal rescuerReviving a narcotic animal1$ 5.00
Legendary animal pheromonesThe scent, which provokes a reaction from nearby mythical animals, reveals its location1$ 20.00
Soothing saliva cartridge bookletBooklet recipe on how to make ammunition for destruction12 symbolic role + $ 585.00
Wild campA temporary camp where you can rest, craft and cook52 Token + $ 750.00
Tonic for weight gainModerate weight increases5$ 75.00
Weight loss tonicModerately reduces weight5$ 75.00
Tonic for weight gainWeight increases to the maximum level5$ 150.00
An effective weight loss tonicWeight is reduced to a minimum5$ 150.00
Blending tonic tonicHandbook recipe on how to craft Blending Tonics52 Token + $ 525.00
Animal Beak HandbookBooklet recipe on how to craft Animal Reviver51 symbolic role + $ 550.00
Hardy tonicDisable harmful weather effects for a period of time10$ 15.00
The legendary pheromones animal brochureA booklet recipe on how to make legendary animal pheromones102 symbolic role + $ 900.00

The Elements of Jas Macmillan the Hunter

Gus has a lot of similar things to Trapper in Story Mode. Bring legendary skins or carcasses of animals for jewelery and exclusive clothing collections.

Clothing sets

Recipe: 1 x Legendary Moon Stone Wolf Pelt
price: $ 772.25

Recipe: 1 x Legendary Marble Pelt
price: $ 640.00



Recipe1 x Ideal Badger Carcass
price: $ 166.25

Recipe: 1 x perfect beaver carcass
price: $ 139.50

Recipe: 1 x carcass ideal fox
price: $ 172.50

Recipe: 1 x perfect skunk carcass
price: $ 138.00


Recipe: 1 x Carcass Deer Perfect
price: $ 160.00

    • Farnholme Double Bandolier

Recipe: 2 x perfect carcass deer
price: $ 320.00

Recipe1 x Perfect Ram Hide
price: $ 174.00

Recipe: 2 x Perfect Ram Hide
price: $ 348.00


Recipe: 1 x Burt Bear Belt
price: $ 315.00

Recipe: N / A
price: 9 gold bars

Recipe: N / A
price: $ 188.25


Recipe: 2 perfect rabbit pelt
price: $ 136.25


Recipe1 x Hide Perfect Goat
price: $ 105.00


Recipe1 x Perfect Belt Buck
price: $ 152.00


Offering Trinkets will make many aspects of gameplay easier for you, given the benefits it provides.


      • 2 x Beaver teeth
      • 1 x Calumet Turquoise Earrings

price: $ 795.00
Describe: The permanent degradation of all weapons slows by 10%.


      • 1 x Buck Antlers
      • 1 x Dane Topaz Necklace

price: $ 775.00
Describe: The player has a higher chance of getting better quality skins and skins than animals in perfect condition.


      • 1 x Javelna Tosk
      • 1 x Elliston Carved Bracelet

price: $ 500.00
Describe: Increases the player’s horse bonding rate by 10%.


      • 1 x porn tube
      • 1 x Aubrey Onyx Ring

price: $ 550.00
Describe: Harvesting thyme thyme, oregano and catnip yields 2 times Herbs.


      • 3 x Snow Block Bloom
      • 1 x Braxton Amethyst Necklace

price: $ 800.00
Describe: Permanently reduces the attrition speed of horse health and intensity of endurance by 10%.


price: 12 pieces of gold
Describe Visible arc variable. It can be applied to the proprietary improved arc.

Saddlebags made to order

price: 8 gold bars

price: $ 205.00


price: $ 0.20
Describe: Package contains 5 shares.

    • Venetian cartridges – Varmint x60

price: $ 0.40
Describe 0.22 calibre ammunition box designed for hunting without damaging stones. It contains 60 cartridges.

    • Gun Cartridges – Nitro Express x4

price: $ 0.40
Describe Nitro Express Ammo Box specially designed for elephant rifle. It contains 4 cartridges.

mercy killing

You now have the option to remove animals from their misery by killing them. Several players requested this, and Rockstar turned him in.

Killing mercy for an animal will increase your honor. So, this is a good way for those looking to enhance their honor.

Additional new content

Our guide above was about the new Naturalist role that was introduced in the new Red Dead Online update. In this update, there is a lot of new content besides what we have shown above, which includes a new horse, a new camera, a new rifle and a new bow.

New Horse – Gypsy Cup

Now you can buy Gypsy Cob from the stables provided you already have a Naturalist role acquired. There are many variations of this horse that you open as you advance and raise your role in the natural world.

price: 1 symbolic role + $ 150.00
The rank of nature: 1

price: 1 symbolic role + $ 150.00
The rank of nature: 1

price: 2 distinctive roles + $ 550.00
The rank of nature: 10

price: 2 distinctive roles + $ 550.00
The rank of nature: 10

price: 3 tokens + $ 950.00
The rank of nature: 20

price: 3 tokens + $ 950.00
The rank of nature: 20

Advanced camera

You can now buy a new type of camera called the advanced camera from the catalog by going to fishing Fishing department.

The camera costs $ 540 and has the following features that come with it:

  • Increased manoeuvrability – Move freely while using and taking selfies
  • Simple design – Capture the perfect image with ease
  • Improved technology Master 10 different film treatments

This new camera can be found next to the original camera in the item wheel.

Elephant gun

A new rifle called the elephant rifle was the addition of a new rifle that promised to be lethal towards large animals while hunting. It has a high damage profile and can be purchased either from the gunsmith or from your journal for $ 580.

Bow improvement

New bracket added you can buy it for $ 275. It looks sturdier than the standard arch currently in the game. This arc is supposed to be an improved version of the existing arc.

New Gun Holsters

There are two other types of fiery holsters included in the game, which many people don’t realize – Thornburn Gun Belt and Thornburn Holster. You can find it at Weapon Maker.

price1 symbolic floor + $ 215.00
The rank of nature: 1

price: 2 Tokens + $ 185.00
The rank of nature: 10

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