Moonshiner Role Rewards, $ RDO FREE at Red Dead Online this week

When everyone is stuck in their homes, what is the best way to pass the time instead of jumping to the pub to get a pint with your friends? Not personally, of course, would defeat the purpose of social divergence – but luckily, Moonshiners of Red Dead Online did cover up the amplifiers and flavoured drink.

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Moonshiners can expect to reach its peak of this week, as it rewards you all the way through March 30, story missions, Bootlegging missions and sale missions with 50% off the XP role. Getting higher ranks like Moonshiner will allow you to ferment faster, and save bigger profits – for more tips on Moonshining, check out Our guide.

There are some unique rewards for the unique challenges presented this week as well. Your character in Red Dead Online is more than just a set of polygons, it’s your representation within the virtual limits. Accessories generate indulgences, but now there’s more for you – get your character ready with the clothing items in all 7 slots, and get a free Off-Hand case under the 70th rank of your choice.

Plus, completing any role challenge will give you a $ 100 bonus (RDO). If you don’t know what to spend on the extra coin, consider Norfolk Roadster Horses or Band Expansions for ease of speaking, as they both have a 40% discount. Moonshiner Shack sites have also been reduced by 10 Gold bars.

Players looking for a little PvP swallowed with an element of luck should line up for Last Stand. As a special series this week, a new variant has been added to the gameplay – random weapons. All players spawning a random weapon will find around, giving them a noticeable advantage or flaw.

Ongoing rank-based rewards have been extended to the hit stages, and they now continue all the way through June 1. This extension is likely to be decided to make the quarantine more likely, and the additional time spent on Red Dead Online is more rewarding for players.

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