Micah and Dutch theory: Am I crazy to think about that?

Well, listen to me, but I understand there is more to do with the Dutch-Micah relationship than the game allows.

When Arthur started interacting with Micah, the game made it clear that Micah had only been in the gang for less than a year. As the game advances, the Dutch consistently sympathize with Micah about people like Arthur and Hosea, despite knowing them for decades. The Dutch consistently make clear that he sees Arthur as the son, and yet he continues to stand by Micah in almost every decision?

Then I thought about this: The Dutch are most likely in a physical relationship with Micah. Then all the pieces fell together.

Several times, when he was sitting in the camp, Arthur was wandering about speaking in the Dutch language and Micah, and once Micah was talking about “how clever and wonderful the Dutch” to Dutch. The way he used to say these things was almost flirtatious in his speech. Of course, only the Dutch absorb it.

Then, there is a problem with Mrs. O’Shea. Molly and the Netherlands are clearly in a relationship, but she constantly suggests that she believes the Dutchman was with someone else. Of course, what a coincidence that these problems occur between Molly and the Netherlands Immediately after the appearance of Micah. Later in the camp, Molly sees Molly Beeth’s slap, probably because of her doubts about the Dutch betrayal. However, this is not entirely surprising as she blames another gang member. Even if she knows that she was Micah, she will most likely reject the truth and convince herself that she is another woman. This is because despite her dislike of the Dutch, she still loves him. If he is in a relationship with a man, then this means that he loves men, which makes her relationship meaningless. At least if he cheated on her with another woman, she could convince herself Act I like it in the past.

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The Dutch are also taking Micah with him to private places, where the Dutch often say he and Mika “need to work on the plan” to Arthur after the end of the mission. He uses this phrase a lot, which leads one to ask whether it is a symbol of something else.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Dutch often refer to almost all other men in the gang sometimes as “son”, or at least indicate that he sees them like his children in the family. Do you know who is never referred to as “his son”? That’s right, it’s Micah.

Whether it’s rumors of a betrayal of the Dutch, the language it uses about Micah, or the apparent tension behind the scenes and conversations between it and Micah, it seems clear to me today that the Dutch and Micah are in an affair during RDR2.

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