How to Steal Horses From Stables in RDR2 Story Mode

If you’ve been playing the story mode like I have and you want a nice horse, you know that they can get quite pricey, especially for one with good stats. Upwards of $ 1000 even. I’m here to save you a buck or two.

So first thing’s first, this method is easiest at the St. Denis stable as it is the largest and you can enter it on foot without going into “stable mode” per se. (However I have been able to make this work at other stables, and I’d say that this works at all stables but is a lot more difficult at other stables) Put a mask on and step inside the st. Denis stable through the back door and what you’re going to do now is commit a crime. When you commit a crime. I usually go with shooting a gun near a person but not actually shooting them, Basically, you just need to commit any crime and make sure there is a witness. (Another reason this is easy in St. Denis) The doors of the stables will close (shutting you inside of it) once this has happened.

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Once inside, hop the little gate and approach the horse you would like to be made yours. Now, you are going to bond with it. Since you can’t interact with it yet, you should feed it. You should get the message about a temporary horse or whatever. Then, exit the stable and remove your mask. There should be a temporary horse icon in your minimap inside the stable. Re-enter around the back of the stable on foot (make sure your main horse does not enter the stable with you if you brought it with you). The game detects that a horse entered the stable with you because of your stolen horse being inside the stable and lets you saddle it up or customize it. Now, you have a brand new horse of your choice.

Next thing’s next: I mentioned that this is possible at many different stables. It is more difficult but albeit very similar (and very rewarding as you can land a variety of horses). This is the method I did to land myself an Amber Champagne Missouri Foxtrotter. So what you want to do is first acquire some kind of horse led vehicle. (stagecoach, cart, or otherwise) How you go about this doesn’t really matter. I find it easiest to wait for someone to pass by with one and take it from them (in a semi-secluded area you usually won’t even get a bounty for this, but wear a mask.) However, you may also steal a city ​​stagecoach if you feel so inclined. It doesn’t really matter. I would recommend you get a larger one, as it is easier to maneuver later on.

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You are going to park this wagon in the doors of the stable you wish to bamboozle. This is that so when you commit a crime, the doors remain open. When parking, make sure that the seat of the wagon remains outside of the stable while the horses or cart is blocking the doors. This is so you don’t go into “stable mode” when you exit the wagon as this will make it disappear. Alternatively, you don’t need to exit the wagon yet as you could commit a crime from the backseat. This does prove more of a challenge though as your witness-able crime scope diminishes when you are in the seat of a wagon.

Just be knowledgable of the surrounding area of ​​the stable you wish to bushwhack, say if you are robbing the valentine stable, then you could just fire your gun from the seat of your ride, however, if you are robbing a secluded stable, you may need to get your hands dirty. This is where the plan is just about the same as in St. Denis. If you are in a secluded stable (Scarlett Meadows, Strawberry, etc.) Then I recommend hogtie-ing the owner and cutting him free. Usually, he does not attack you and instead runs away to tell on you.

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This is fine, the biggest bounty I’ve gotten for doing this is $ 5. Then, shimmy your way through the doors, be it over your wagon, or hopping in and out, just get your way into the stable. This is just about the same, feed the horse you want to keep. I did encounter an issue here though, the stolen horse would not leave with me when I entered without the horse and some bounty hunters came and shot me for unrelated crimes. I don’t know exactly how this works, but the horse spawned back in at camp hitched in the horse station. I’m not sure if this only works if you have the horse station upgrade or not. I’d need someone else to test it. So simply put, if your horse doesn’t come with you, it should appear at your camp when you die.

And there you have it! Sorry for the extremely long-winded post, but I felt I had to go in-depth so that there would be less confusion. Thanks for this YouTube Channel for teaching me this method. As far as I can tell they post frequent useful content pertaining to RDR2. And thanks for reading if you did. As a bonus, if you know what you’re doing you can do this very quickly and st. Denis in rack up some quick money. Each Arabian (Ch. 4 and over) sells for $ 42 a pop and it takes roughly 2 minutes to rustle each horse and you can just sell it right back. Have a nice day, all of you, your lovely Redditors!

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