How to get the fastest and rarest horse in Red Dead Redemption 2

How to get the fastest and rarest horse in Red Dead Redemption 2

The best breeds

Most of the best breeds will be available to you only at the end of the game. However, there are two ways to get some ahead of time, which is good because you will be on your little horse. These are mentioned below in the “Finding the Best Horses” section.

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The best horse breeds in RDR 2 are Nokota, Turkoman, Arabian, Thoroughbred and Missouri Fox Trotter. These horses have a high-speed base and the highest acceleration stats. After almost the fourth semester, you will be able to purchase most of the stables. They all fall into the $ 1,000 range, but if you have a great honor, the price will be torn down quite a bit depending on how high it is.

Increase speed

With each horse when you look at the stats, you will see fully filled in white rectangles indicating their current stats. There are also light gray rectangles, indicating the horse’s potential. To maximize stats to your horse’s highest potential, you’ll need to provide the horse with the best saddle and step you can buy! You can buy it from the different stables located in the cities via the map.

Also be sure to clean the horse when it is dirty. Believe it or not, if the horse is dirty this will actually affect the speed of the horse. It will also add brush to your animal relationship, so it is helpful to clean it whenever you install it for a while.

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Find the best and rarest horses

White Arabian horse

This is one of the rare horses that you can get early in the game, and it will serve you well all the time. Head to the western side of Lake Isabela, and be sure to wear your winter gear so that you are not free to death. You’ll need to be careful here because of some of the predators that can breed around, so make sure you have a reliable weapon nearby.

White Arabian Horse Map

You will need to memorize before trying to tame the horse. There have been some reports of his disappearance if he fails to tame him after several times, and it seems that he will not return again. This may be a bug, but for now I will save your game so you can re-download if you have any issues.

Statistics of the white Arab horse

Once you find a horse, you will need to be careful in your approach. It can easily explode, so target it and slowly make your way through by calming it and raising it when you get a chance. Once you do this several times, you can try to install it. The horse will try to get away from you, so pull the directional wand in the opposite direction as it heads and you should be able to tame it!

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If you are stopped, you will need to repeat the process! I highly recommend chasing this horse early in the game, you will not find anything close to it, and it will serve you well until more horses open in Chapter 3 and 4.

Authentic Brendell

You can get this amount a little earlier than most, but it will cost you and you may not have the type of money needed for that early in the game. Once you reach Chapter 3, you can head over to Stablesberry Stables and buy Brindle Thoroughbred. This horse matches the highest base speed with Missouri Fox Trotter and Nokota. However, it does have basic stats that are very weak in health and stamina, so make sure you have lots of horses with you!

Black Gray Arab Rose

This is the first class Arabian horse, and it can be bought from Blackwater Stable once you reach Epilogue 1 in the story. You can buy another Arabic at Saint-Denis Staples in Chapter 4 of the in-game story, but this specific genre in pink-gray is the fastest of all.

Statistics of the Arabian horse black gray


If you want a horse with a lot of health and stamina without sacrificing speed, this is a good horse that you can get early in the game. This will open in Chapter 4 of the game, and it can be found in Stable Saint Denis. The horse comes in several different colors, but the statistics are identical across the board.

Statistics of the golden Turkmen horse

Reverse Double Rowan Nokuta

This is the fastest horse you can find, but it comes with a sacrifice of low health and stamina. It is very likely that you will kill this horse, but you can upgrade health and stamina by just tying it over and buying the right gear for it. This is also available in Chapter 4 of the game and can be found at Saint Denis Stable.

Other versions of Nokota that can be found in the wild are much slower than this version.

Reverse horse Dapple Pinto Nokota Stats

Missouri Fox Trotter

The Missouri Fox Trotter is one of the best all-inclusive horses that you can get in the game. It has high basic speed and acceleration, and also has strong health and stamina statistics. You can find the first release available in Chapter 4 of the game on Scarlett Meadows Stable. The horse comes in two colors, but the statistics are quite similar. You can get Amber Champagne earlier in the game, but the Silver Dapple Pinto edition opens during Epilogue and can be purchased from Blackwater Stable.

Missouri Fox Trotter Horse Stats

Tiger striped mustang

If you just want a really interesting horse and don’t pay much attention to stats, Tiger Striped Mustang is a great one to grab it. This is another horse that will require access to the finale to get it, but if you are heading southwest to Rio del Lobo Rock you can find this unique horse. This is the only place it secretes, so be sure to save it before you try to tame it, because like Arab white, you may get lucky and the horse will come out or walk away.

Tiger striped mustang

At first glance, the horse appears to be a natural species, but around its legs are the tiger stripes that give it an interesting appearance. You may need to travel a little in the Rio del Lobo Rock region to find it, but it is worth the search!

Tiger map mustang site map

The best horses for free

This is a method someone has discovered that will allow you to find the best horses in the game somewhat free in the game. Once you get to Saint-Denis, the largest city in the game, you can head to a northern region that contains two offspring.

These eggs are completely random, and travel through all strains and different types of strains. This includes the best horse releases in the game, which you won’t be able to reach until later in the story.

There are two ways you can approach how to benefit from this place. The first is that you can save nearby and head to the area, and check if there is a rare horse, catch it or reload it. This may take some time, but if you use one of the fastest controllers it might not be so bad.

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The second option, is to check the horses to see which ones were produced, and if you are not satisfied with them. Head north on your current horse for a while, then turn and count. This should bring back the horses and give you another set to check it out. You will need to try the exact distance you need to travel far to start the restore process so that you do not waste time!

This method is a bit cheesy, but it’s one of the best known ways to get a first class horse for free!

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