How to get perfect belts in the Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide

How to get perfect belts in the Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide

Why do I need perfect belts?

Perfect belts are very useful for upgrading things like Satchel, which will increase your ability to carry more items. You can upgrade tonics, components, tools, materials, and valuables. If you craft all of these things, then you’ll be able to craft Legend of the East Satchel that will greatly expand the capacity for all kinds of items!

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If you want to look like the ultimate hunter, you can also take these perfect moulds to the hunter and merge them with some legendary animal skins to create unique equipment that makes you look like a mountain man in no time!

Find the animals

If you are looking for a specific animal, you can go to your map and zoom in on it very soon and you will start to see animals on it. This encourages you to travel everywhere you can open the map and helps a lot when you want to track down a specific animal. You can also guess where animals might depend on the vital areas of certain parts of the map. For example, a crocodile will be in the swampy parts of the map, so to the east near Lagras is your best bet.

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Watch the animal and kill the appropriate score

Your first step to getting one of those perfect belts you’re looking for is to either take out your microscope or target an animal. Near the animal type, in the bottom right of the screen, you will find stars. This indicates the degree of the animal, and there are three degrees: poor quality, good quality and ideal. You will need to find three-star animals if you want the best pelt. This may take a little research at the various locations on the map that contain the type of animal you are looking for for the skin, but it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Animal study

Make sure to study every type of animal you encounter because this information is useful when trying to get ideal bodies. You will need to use a specific weapon to get clean killing, and getting clean killing is the only way to get perfect skins. Now, as soon as you study the animal, you can view information about it if you are targeting someone and it will tell you in the description of the weapon you need to use. Here is an example description:

American bison – pristine

Produces pellet, horn and bison meat. Used in industry and cooking or can be sold. Use a gun to kill cleanly.

This part of the gun to kill clean is the information we need!

Learn about the sizes of your animals

There are five animal sizes that are useful to know because they correspond to the weapon that you will need to use to obtain clean killing. Small, medium, medium, large and bulky. Here is a complete list of where each animal in the game falls into these groups:


  • Reptiles: Frog, frog, snake
  • the birds: Blue Jay, Cardinal, Waxing, Crow, Oriole, Pigeon, Robin, Songbird, Sparrow, Woodpecker, Carolina Parquet, Chicken, Duck, Color, Parrot, Pheasant, Quail, Crow, Bobby, Dick Gull
  • Mammals: Bats, squirrel, rat, squirrel


  • the birds: Eagle, crane, cormorant, heron, hawk, heron, owl, pelican, spoons, turkey, eagle, condor, goose
  • Reptiles: Iguana, Gila Munster
  • Mammals: Rabbit, Armadillo, Badger, Liqueur, Cows, Raccoon, Skunk


  • Mammals: Coyote, Fox, Pig, Beaver


  • Mammals: Pig, buck, cougar, tiger, big horn, ram, wolf, deer, brunhorn, goat, picary sheep
  • Reptiles: Crocodile (small) turtle


  • Mammals: Bear, bison, bull, elk, moose, ox, cow
  • Reptiles: Crocodile

Use the right weapon

Now that you know your animal’s size groups, let’s take a look at which weapon will give an ideal peeling based on the animal’s size.

For your little pets, you will need to use the bow with the clean little arrow arrow to kill. You cannot buy these from a store, so go to campfire or start camp and go to the drafting menu, located under Ammo Arrow – Small Game. You need 1x flying vane, 1x arrow, 1x ordinary gun shell to formulate one. The feathers will be the most annoying part, you must have a lot of rest. It’s easy to find birds, though, just run on your horse and scare some people up in the air.

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For medium sized animals you will need to get a Varmint rifle. They can be bought from a weapons store, and they are really useful for hunting and getting perfect belts from these little animals.

Medium animals have many different options to use. You can use the bow with a plain or toxic arrow, throwing knives, refiners, ordinary rifles, and sniper rifles.

If you want to hunt a large animal, you can only use the bow with a plain or poisonous arrow, a poisoned throwing knife, a shotgun, or a sniper rifle.

Finally, for large animals, you can use a bow with an enhanced poison or arrow, a poisonous throwing knife, a rifle, a sniper rifle, and you can even use a rifle but with slug ammo.

Aim for vital spots to get clean kills

Now that you have the right weapon for your inquiry, you will need to kill him with a deadly bullet. This can be somewhat simple, but there is a little more than meets the eye. Obviously for almost every animal, you can just aim at the head, and this is usually enough to photograph everything you’re looking for. However, if you upgrade the dead eye available to you, you can see the vital areas of the animal. You will notice this when entering the dead eye, and the target will be red areas on it, and these are the spots that you can target and get a clean killing. Usually, the brain, heart and stomach are glowing. This can be useful if you are in a critical situation and do not have an easy shot on the head.

Use Cover Scent Lotion

If you will hunt a lot, you will need to make sure that the animals are not terrorized. You can use Cover Scent Lotion, which can be purchased at the general store, to cover your smell and make it make your target animals less likely to escape from you and make your hunting more difficult.

Use baits to lure animals

If you are having trouble tracking a specific animal, you can use the bait. Go to the area with the animal you’re looking for to get pelt of and taste either carnivore or herbal taste. The species you choose depends on the type of animal. Is it a predator like a wolf or a bear? Then you will use a carnivorous taste, if it is a grazing animal that does not eat meat, you will use a carnivorous taste. You can buy these from the general store.

Legendary animals

If you like to chase legendary monsters, the above information is not very useful! It’s completely different, and you’ll need to track it to specific points on the map. They don’t have graded skins, it’s always legendary no matter how you kill them. You can also kill them once, and then they go on forever. To find out more about these, check out our website The legendary animal guide!

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