Gold and RDO Rewards at Red Dead Online all week

Red Dead Online players can fatten up their lockers this week by engaging in some intense competition with their peers and getting a special bonus to complete a certain number of daily challenges. Some rare clothes are available again, and other items are discounted throughout the week.

If you have a lot of friendly rivalry and know your way around PvP modes for Red Dead Online, you’ll stand to earn some major cash and a lot of experience points this week – especially if your skills are about to fall. Frontline and Racing Series All matches pay 25% more than RDO and this week went more than usual, along with double XP rewards.

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For less confrontation, you can always commit to doing everyday challenges while getting a solid reward. Completing 3 daily challenges this week will earn you for free Power card Besides the usual challenge rewards – just make sure to give the card up to 48 hours to appear on your benefits list.

Rockstar extended the availability of limited-edition clothes last week, giving you until May 11th to buy a ventilated chimney cap, Owanjila’s hat, Benbow jacket, Eberhart coat, Concho pants, Darned Stockings socks, Puer shoes and Salter shoes.

Many items are deducted as well, giving you the perfect opportunity to spend all the money you earn with PvP Rewards on the frances you really need. Each item gives you access to a new role – meaning Bounty Hunter License, Collector Bag, Butcher Table, and Moonshiner Shack – 5% cheaper Gold bars this week.

Wilderness Outfitters cut their entire share price in half, and you can also get repeaters at 40% off, all hats at 60% off and all pants at 70% off. Remember that gold purchases still support COVID-19 relief efforts!

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