Free roaming events on Red Dead Online this week

Get your friends and prepare for some friendly competition with Free Roam Events being this week’s Red Dead Online Reward Center. There are also limited-number clothing items that are back in stock and you can take advantage of discounts as well.

All free-roaming events, including action-packed tours of Fool’s Gold, Railroad Baron or King of the Castle, as well as more relaxing activities such as fishing Challenges, pay 50% more than XP, Gold and RDO $. Plus, completing one event gives you a 50% coupon that you can use to purchase any coat with rank requirements below 15.

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Rockstar rewards all players who log into Red Dead Online until April 20 with one free card. Just log in and you will receive your card within 48 hours, and it can be accessed via the benefits menu.

9 pieces of clothing that were previously available for a limited time, back to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog. Once again, you can purchase Cap Plaid, Folwell Hat, Gardenia Hat, Macbay Jacket, Clymene Coat, Cardozo Vest, Carver Pants, Griffith Chaps and Pelt Half Chaps until April 27.

this week Featured series Another file in Last Stand mode mixed with random downloads, this time I played in Sisika prison, where your journey begins on Red Dead Online. Indiscriminate weapons are a great way to move excitement into over-speed – nothing is better than overcoming odds.

There are also a number of items on big discounts this week. You can grab guns, bandollers, and multi-horse horses at a 30% discount, Melee weapons at half the price, and you can buy all Emotes at a 70% discount. In the event that the only free ability card isn’t enough to boost your character’s skills, you can get more Power cards Big 80% off all week!

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