Free gold bars for dead red players online

Rockstar Games aspire to facilitate social spacing for fans, and as Red Dead Online players rise in these difficult times, they decide to return something. This week, there are a number of rewards and discounts offered in addition to the gift!

If you want to grab 5 Gold bars Completely free, all you have to do is log in to Red Dead Online anytime between now and April 14, and you will receive a gift via in-game mail within 48 hours – so don’t run for support if the bars don’t materialize right away.

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You can earn some extra rewards if you don’t shirk your business and accomplish these daily challenges. Completing one daily challenge each day for three days – and thus activating the 3-day streak – will earn you a reward package that includes 10 special health treatments, 10 special miracle treatments, 10 special snake oils, and 20 types of incendiary slugs. This also requires up to 48 hours to arrive.

Ranking is also easier this week with some Double XP activities. All confrontational modes and all racing series matches will reward you as usual twice XP. With all these modes, there is so much variety that allows every player to find something he likes.

Many items on sharp discounts in Wheeler Catalog, Rawson & Co. All guns, pistols, and manuals are 40% off, while Ponchos, T-shirts, and every item are available from Wilderness Outfitters – except for the Butcher’s table, unfortunately – at half the price.

You can also get handsfree purses, rifle belts, draft horses, war horses, pants and gloves at a 70% off big discount. Remember, Rockstar donates 5% of all in-game purchase earnings COVID-19 relief effortsSo if you are planning to buy something but these 5 free gold bars don’t cut it, now is the time to buy any gold.

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