Finally getting to play RDR2 with my weird hands!

Hi there! It’s so nice to finally talk about Red Dead Redemption 2, a game I’ve been waiting to play since the moment it came out.

I realize that yes, I am, a little late to the party, but hey! I’m finally here, and i’ve decided that i’m going to tell people why exactly this is a big deal to me- at least. Who knows, maybe someone who’s bored may decide to take a look at it.

SO: The title above may have you all in some … confusion, but fear not my intrepid reader! For I shall explain this to you momentarily. I, suffer from Ullrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, alongside scoliosis and a sleu of other bad ailments that have shoved me into a wheelie both (wheelchair).

Red Dead Redemption 2 APK ✔️

One of these ailments is a weakness in my fingers and hands (as well as my whole body), and contractures in my fingers, which make it incredibly hard to grip a controller, let alone press the buttons on one. This … was an issue, especially seeing as I had pre-ordered Red Dead Redemption on my Xbox One (Don’t fight me PS4 players please) on account of being a fan of the RDR series, and wanting to see one of the greatest games of the generations in action.

In short-once I tried to play RDR2, I ended up running into trees in my inability to steer a horse, straining myself to push down on certain buttons, and quite literally dying more times than I can count in any and all shootouts (Don ‘t get me started on the hellhole that was hunting). I ended up hating the game rather than enjoying it, and as such I put down the controller, and gave up, realizing that my days of playing on my console were over. This was a low blow to me, as at the time I hadn’t played with my console in awhile, and still thought i could go and play like when i got 30 kills on titanfall every pvp match.

Red Dead Redemption 2 IOS ✔️

I have spent the last year avoiding every single goddamn spoiler in hopes that one day… a PC Port would be made, so that I could finally play the game. This is because the only games I CAN play are on my PC-the layout requires much less physical strain on my part and is honestly just better for me. I haven’t managed to escape without a few scars, bear in mind. The spoilers I have learned, I will admit, have made the game’s story less heart-thumping and edge-of-your-seat, but what can you do when youtubers will think it’s okay to put in entire spoilers in their thumbnails for a few extra views.

I’m writing this just… mainly because I wanted to, and I don’t really know why. AND! also because I want to say something that I feel isn’t said hardly enough- and this community is one of the best ones from what I’ve seen, especially compared to others. Please- for the love of god-don’t celebrate console exclusives.

I’ve seen my fair share of the console war and every time I see someone brag about how they can play a game on the PS4 like persona 5 or the new spiderman game against someone on Xbox who can’t or vice versa like with halo -5 coming to Xbox and not PS4- remember that this also means it’s not coming to PC.

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC 💻

I know that people tend to put a lot of flack on the “PC master race” but please understand that when a game is put on exclusive it means that people who play games who are physically disabled like myself CANNOT play these games. Not economically strained or too stubborn to switch their console- they are physically unable to enjoy these games.

PHEW okay well- that’s my tale done. Anyways- Wish me luck! I’m about to go shoot up a general store in celebration of my newfound powers as a rootin ‘tootin’ gunslingin ‘cowboy who is nigh impossible to kill. Have fun with your own playthroughs!

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