Confrontation updates, more events in the coming weeks at Red Dead Online

The global health crisis involving the COVID-19 pandemic has left many more people than usual. Companies around the world offer free services, bonuses, additional content and more to help everyone stuck in the house with quarantine. Rockstar is no different, with plans to increase the event pace in both Red Dead Online and GTA Online.

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Today, a number of confrontational modes received new maps as the first step of this plan, and more on the road where players can easily try new maps, and only new maps, with a special series this week. If you want to activate the new maps that are broken through the old ones, you only need to turn on Showdown modes regularly.

Profiles with new maps are Overrun, Getting The Manor and Sisika; the spoils of war get to Fort Mercer and Orchard; loot getting to St Denis and St Denis Farm; and higher in smoke getting Blackwater and electric lanek.

In the coming weeks, Last Stand will be expanded with Annesburg, Armadillo and Cemetery mines and your weapon name will get Fort Mercer, Heartlands Oil Field and Tall Trees. These additional maps will accompany bonuses and other content to keep you busy.

A selection of limited items that have appeared and gone in the past are temporarily returned for a period of two weeks to the in-game store. If you missed the Carbo Double Bandolier, Chambliss Corset, Hitched Skirt, Porter Jacket, Charro Jacket, Concho Pants, or Prieto Poncho, now is your chance to make up for it and grab it!

If you are beginning to advance in the path of one of the four specialized roles, your efforts will be better rewarded this week – you will earn 50% more role than any activity that grants them. If you want to be more successful in your role, check or evidence The merchant, Mosque, Bounty Hunter And Liquor getaway.

In addition to, A land of opportunity, Free roaming tasks and events will give you a XP experience that maximizes your profit Rank Rewards Faster!

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