Complete the Red Dead daily challenges online this week

Rockstar rewards hard-working women and men at the boundaries this week with some special rewards that have been paid to complete the daily challenge. There are also a number of useful items on the opponent, especially If you are a collector, Or you want to start this role.

Daily challenges are short and simple tasks that rotate every 24 hours. It offers simple rewards on its own, but if you can keep your streak and complete your daily challenges really hard, well, every day, you’ll win some cool cumulative rewards. This week is different though!

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There are additional bonuses on the table if you complete multiple challenges. Completing three will catch you 10 toxic shares and six challenges, you will get 4 collectable coins and 10 will give you free treasure a map. Gifts will arrive at your camp insurance fund or post office within 48 days of completing the challenges.

Madame Nizar is complicating the sale this week, reducing the price of everything she sells by 30%. This will be useful for collectors, with better maps, picks and other equipment to help them find cheap hidden treasures now. Speaking of collectors, if you haven’t yet committed to this role, the collector’s bag will also be deducted to just 10 Gold bars.

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Many promotions and items related to the camp are being sold. Picks dogs and tents, camp themes, campers and flags Fast travel Posts 40% off this week and level 3 Power card Half price upgrades. Last but not least, all pistols are 35% off until June 22.

Getting a collector bag with a beautiful discount, but getting it for free is more beautiful. If you’ve linked your Twitch Prime membership to your Rockstar Social Club account, you’ll get it, Polished Copper Moonshine Still and 5 Moonshiner Rank Tokens, all for free. Here’s how to do it.

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