Collect tarot cards to get a Red Dead bonus online this week

Call – or the telegraph, instead – all collectors: There’s a special bonus waiting for you this week at Red Dead Online. Meanwhile, Rockstar continues to make playing with friends easier, and some finite clothing items are back in stock.

All players who log into Red Dead Online this week will receive a free Tarot Card a map – And if you open the role of the mosque, you will be able to use it as well! If you successfully track a full range of Tarot cards, you will get an additional 50% bonus when sold to Madam Nazar. Note that this only applies to whole groups.

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This bonus applies not only to the first group that you sell, but to all full Tarot card sets throughout the week, giving you an opportunity to do a kill as a collector. For more information on how to get the most out of this bonus, see the collector role guide Here.

In case you forget, this is your weekly reminder that the permanent membership fee Bossi Waiver of Creation is still, and will remain so until June 8th, so be sure to collect the gang of outlaws before that!

A new selection of clothes has been cycled into a temporary department at Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalog. You have until June 8 to pick up a Dillehay hat, Lister Hat, Morales Vest, Morning Tail Coat, Leavitt Jacket or some patterned gangs.

Keep in mind that Rockstar donates some revenue from in-game purchases to COVID-19 relief efforts. Until May, These are the last few days to contribute to the gold purchase. If you want to get some specials in Red Dead Online, store gold before 31.

You can also unlock the free polished brass Moonshiner Still if you are Connect Twitch Prime subscription to your account, Along with a collector bag and 5 steps Moonshiner role.

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