As a knight, there are my thoughts about horses and horses in RDR2

First of all, I really … really, don’t like the way the strains are rated and given random statistics. When R * said the horse would be the second main character in the game, I expected a less general way of working given the level of detail elsewhere in the game.

I think they really miss the trick of having some breeds better than others, basically your horse is a temporary hiatus so you can get Arabic, Fox Trotter, or Turkmen because they are the “best”. You’d better have each horse have unique stats, so there are no good / bad breeds only good / bad horses.

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Strength is an area that I think really missed out on making horses unique as well, at RDR2 Arabia could carry just as much weight as a shire. really?

  • If instead they do power stats, even if simple with light / action / heavy classes, the light is able to carry one bird’s corpse on each side of the saddle, peat / large corpse on the back with 4 medium belts.
  • Then a working horse can carry one corpse of one bird on each side, one large / corpse and ten belts (what they can currently carry in the game).
  • Finally, a heavy horse can carry two carcasses of birds on each side of the saddle, two carcasses / carcasses on the back and fifteen lashes.

This way it makes sense to use different horses depending on the activity you plan to do. Specific strains for specific purposes, just like real life. If you are going fishing, take a goose / plunge that can carry loads, etc.

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The output bags seem only for decoration, I would have preferred to see upgradeable bags like;

  • Meat bags
  • Herbal bags
  • Precious bags
  • Ammunition bags
  • Medical bags

You can only equip two bags at a time, so prepare the bags depending on what you do and you can climb into the horse and move things from your stock to the bags while roaming.

One thing I can’t understand is why in the mid-west of the cowboy game of the twentieth century why isn’t there a quarter of horses. They were by far the most popular “cowboy” breed in America at the time, faster than across uneven surfaces at short distances, strong and solid horses. Quarter / chestnut horse is the ideal wild western horse breed, at least in my head.

Also we have the Florida Cracker Cow in the game but not the Florida Cracker Horse (nicknamed Chickasaw), which was intentionally bred for raising cows of the same name, it was the purpose of the cowboy breed that was also influential in a few early American horse breeds. Why is it not included?

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Turkmen may be the favorite strain of most of the peoples in the game, but although I haven’t read that about Turkmen, I don’t think they were that popular. I don’t know how many people were brought to America but this number can’t be that big. Turkmen match in more than a quarter of a horse? Imo should not be.

Halfbred Hungarian is something I’ve never heard of before and I can only assume it is a fictional breed based on the Nonius horse breed. It was imported from France and raised with local horses for use in the Hungarian army. It’s the closest strain I can think of to the Hungarian Halfbred as shown in RDR2. I don’t think it was a popular breed, so I’m not sure why it’s included in some other big name breeds.

Arabs / Arabs have their own characteristics, a strain with great influence and a sense of endurance, but not all of them best in this scenario. They can be twisted and capricious, Quarter Horse, Standard Bred and Throughbred are all much better than all imo coaches.

Finally, there are some small things that I wanted to see, if the stats are unique, I loved being able to breed horses in the stable. Few days in my youth inspired Pokemon but I thought it would have been awesome. On a minor note I think single player carts are completely underutilized, it would have been a little better if we had some options like we got online, but this is just a little game.

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However, looking at the horses and games, I had some horse racing games and other RPG-style games with horses and nothing even came close to the realism created by R * in RDR2. Horses and their movements seem to be difficult to capture in games, but RDR2 has been very good at capturing (minus the nose first running in trees and rocks). R * has done a great job in this regard, around 300 hours in my third play as well as some online actions.

I assume we are greedy, as players, I almost urinated my pants with excitement in order to get out of the game and then after 50 hours of playing always thinking “I hope this is a little better” or “I hope we can do it” regardless of how good the game is. But * hints, RDR2 is a marvel and push the envelope again.

If you are equal, I would love to hear your views on horses in RDR2 and what features you’d like to see.

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