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After a night of playing RDR2 after the story, I decided to take a memory lane trip, and read / scan through Arthur Magazine from the start. For those who don’t check it out, Arthur’s Journal is dynamically updated day to day in the game based on the things you do and see. He will write his summary and thoughts on missions after the truth, and one of the most subtle details is that if you see animals or people in specific behaviors or situations in the game and focus on them, Arthur will quickly draw what he saw. You can track when it does this by paying attention to when you see a journal update notification.

Well, while visiting all of his old articles, I came up with a page that particularly affected me. This is a two-page spread from Chapter 2. If you don’t listen to warn the spoiler in this post before clicking, Spoilers in front of us.

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On the top left is one of my early horses, Jericho. It is the racing horse you can get with a deluxe edition whatever Toy. I chose him, of course, because he had great stats for speed and acceleration. For me, a nervous mess was sometimes feared without reason, but it was a good horse. It was cute and I still love it, but at some point I was caught by a common wind that your main horse would die as part of the main story. Without a lot of additional detail, I decided it would be nice to make sure that I had a good relationship with more than one horse, so I installed it in favor of Ardennes Gray Ironman that you can also get with the cool premium version of the game. This war horse, eventually named Bane, will be the reliable horse that I will ride (mostly) to the bitter end.

Bane was whiny ever. If we had passed a shrub whose feet had turned a lot, he would have heard an audible complaint. It was lovely, and I found myself in love with this big, angry kid. He has appeared in the other two sketches, in the top right and bottom left.

The amazing thing about this is that these graphics are very accurate for the horses they photograph, and it didn’t take any time at all to get to know them both. From Jericho’s profile in his drawing, to Ban’s legs feathers on the other two. I am amazed by the way R * Arthur has implemented it.

This is frankly the best profile screenshot I took from Bane. You can see the feathering here.

I exploded crying to see him, because this was the first time I had seen these things after all, and at the time of Arthur’s drawing he had no idea how much these horses were for him. Guardian. Being able to see the most immersive and honest representation of my immortal children in Arthur magazine was both kind and sad. It was like visiting their graves. It’s been two weeks and some change since I finished the story, and I still routinely listen to “this is the case” and ponder my time with RDR2. I had no game that would give me a full emotional experience. I will remember this for a long time.

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