Anniversary celebrations at Red Dead Online

Red Dead Redemption is turning 10 years this week, on the occasion of a decade since we entered our first shoe John Marston. The iconic protagonist has become a fan favorite of many players, and Rockstar celebrated the event by sharing some great fan works of RDR and Marston – as well as bringing some rewards to Red Dead Online this week.

Madam Nizar is a little late for the welcoming spring, but she got a special seasonal wait for collectors though. Any player who opened Collective role Records this week will get a free wild American flower a map. Completing the American Wildflower collection and selling it to Madam Nazar will give 50% more than RDO and regular gold.

The latest RDR2 news clips

You can still get permanent Posses for free until June 8, so gather your friends and make teams to get rewards while playing together. This temporary waiver of permanent Bossi Drawings were introduced by Rockstar to make bearing the COVID-19 crisis a little easier. In this context, GOld purchases still support relief efforts!

If none of your Red Dead Online friends play – and you can’t persuade them – you can still get virtual companionship. The camp of dogs and horses below under 40 ranks is a 40% discount throughout the week, as well as three pieces of equipment for the roles: Bennington Field Shovel, Polished Binoculars and Metal Detector.

Various items of clothing have returned to Wheeler catalog store, Rawson & Co. This week, but it will disappear at this time next week. Get Tasman outfits, Danube outfits, Mantika hat, Cossack cap, Butyl hat and Irwin coat before they leave!

Consider that if you are Connect your Rockstar Social Club account to your Twitch account with an active Prime subscription, You’ll get a free college bag, a polished brass Moonshine Still and Moonshiners’ 5-floor rating!

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