An in-depth analysis of the main Red Dead Redemption 2 hero, Arthur Morgan

At the beginning of Red Dead Redemption 2, I got to know the main character and protagonist Arthur Morgan.

From the start, he was portrayed as a ruthless outlaw and proud of his criminal activities, as seen on a mission where he and his uncle take some women to Valentine’s Day.

While on their way to the sweet little town, a cart passes with a driver who is unable to drive a cart. After helping the man, Arthur says he would have stolen the man if the women weren’t there.

It appears that Arthur had no intention of helping others unless he was persuaded or deceived. This situation changes in the middle of the search line for financial lending and other sins in Chapter 2 as you are charged with getting money from the borrower with a satisfactory condition of tuberculosis.

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The situation changes after Arthur leaves the scene after almost beating the lender, Thomas Downs, to death. At the end of the mission, Arthur rides back to the camp with a melodic melody playing on a movie scene.

Arthur’s position changes gradually as the game continues, but one of the biggest changes in position occurs in Chapter 3, the death of Sean and the families of Arthur and the escape from O’Driscolls. The mission in which you get caught is the first mission where Arthur dreams of his spiritual animal, depending on his honor. If you have a good honor, which I think is a popular way to play the game despite the end of all its ends die.

Arthur is clearly affected by Sean’s death and Kiran’s death, as Kiran saved his life.

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On upcoming assignments, Arthur was hesitant and interested in many of the actions the Dutch were taking. Especially during Chapter 5, Guarma is clearly skeptical about Dutch roads.

This is the same chapter as he was diagnosed with TB. This event is also where the Epiphany is located, and on the return journey from Guarma, the shaky song is an ideal example of Arthur’s circumstances.

Let me stand without shaking / in the midst of the crash of the worlds

These two worlds are the illegal, uncivilized West and the prosperous, civilized East that the same gang captured between them.

By accomplishing this, Arthur knows his ultimate goal, which is to keep John and his family out of chaos and to safety, to the safety of civilization and prosperity.

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Arthur’s last moments are sad, especially in a “fearful” scene where Arthur opens up to someone he barely knows, a nun who will never meet him again. Possible despair and sadness struck someone in the heart.

Arthur is a complex personality. He is a figure torn between the Wild West and the civilized East, a character deceived by his illness as a fact. It’s a Red Dead Redemptions purpose template and tutorial.

To find salvation before your bloody death, just as John did in the first game.

It is quite poetic that Arthur died at the top of the mountain, and the Dutchman died at the bottom, a clear contrast between the types of people who were both and became.

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