Am I the only one who refuses to run RDR2 story mode for the second time?

I can’t play with Red Dead Redemption II story mode again.

I played until the first time finished. I have lived with great honor, always doing the right thing.

I picked up an old slouch hat from Lemoyne Raider in the old church, ever since Mine Hat. Arthur’s hair grew in mullet and kept it well and sporty. I dressed him in a fashionable but elegant outfit. Blue jeans and a checkered tan shirt with faded ruber shoes. That was my country.

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I remember fondly throwing a stick of dynamite in the Klan Rally, piling bodies and setting them on fire.

She tamed the Arabian horse in two attempts and was linked to it to the fullest extent. I called it Estrella. I kept brushing it whenever I left it, because her coat shines like a real star when the sun grabs it.

I customized two dual-action pistols with blue steel and pearly knobs, but my favorite weapon was the pump gun. I’ve chased O’Driscolls, Murfrees, and Night Men for consecutive days with my trusted arsenal. I even traveled to the top of a mountain and found a crazy crazy robot.

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I spent a full summer plowing during this game. No house was left unchecked and no tape was left without the need. Personally, my favorite hangout was the Rhodes Hotel. I can eat some fried catfish and cold beer and start a fight right after that. Saint-Denis was my favorite place to spend time at night, with misty lights that definitely give it a creepy atmosphere. But I also loved camping on the green plains and watching the stars, just as I imagine real cowboys.

I worked my way through the story. She had ties with Sean, Kiran, Livni and Hosea and was saddened when they passed. I admired the courageous courage of Mrs. Adler and Charles’s quiet determination to take revenge. She stole with Pearson (and finally rushed to find him behind the counter in Rhodes). I freed Micah from that dungeon, and I finally wished to leave him there for it to rot. I watched the Dutch lose their mind and betrayed his closest friends without realizing it.

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You did all the side quests too. She trapped the serial killer in the cellar of his atrocities and taught Ms. Charlotte Balfour how to live in the wild, between each other.

As my TB became worse and worse and the story led me through Arthur’s Redemption recovery, I decided this was (and still is) the best game I’ve ever played. As my cough got worse, I realized there would be no happy ending for Arthur, but there could be an end for the people who hurt him. And I decided that this would be my last match. No subsequent magic campaigns or unique ones will be like this one.

Then Abigail saved us from Pinkerton and gave me the key to the Dutchman’s chest. When “That’s the Way” was captured, I started crying in my eyes. Arthur and Estrella made their last trip together to Beaver Hollow to meet their destinies. I said goodbye to my Arabian horse on this mountain and brought fresh water with him. She helped John escape and live a few more years with his family.

Arthur, bathing at sunrise, passed alone at the top of this mountain.

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