All limited clothes return to Red Dead online this week

Have you missed the clothes dream about in Red Dead Online again and again? Don’t worry – this week, instead of spinning one of the previous sets, Rockstar makes it All Limited items previously available can be purchased. There are also some exciting role-playing bonuses going on!

The border is thirsty and it’s up to you to water it. All Moonshiner selling missions pay 50% more than gold and RDO all week, so make sure your steady shots produce drinks like never before and hand over your sweet nectar to customers all over the world to get some good profits.

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In addition, all Moonshiner Story missions and free roaming events will reward players with a dual-role XP. To make sure everyone has fun, Moonshiner Shacks is discounted by 5 Gold bars All Shack upgrades are 35% off. Verify Moonshiner role guide To make the most of the promotional offer!

if cooking Wine isn’t your favorite business, you can hook up your wallet and grab your lasso instead – pay all the rewards 50% more this week, including the tough but most rewarding rewards. Bounty Hunter Story Missions and Free Roam Events, like Moonshiner, give double the XP role.

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Get a Bounty Hunter License for 5 less gold bars and enjoy 35% off Bounty Hunter Role Items! Read Bounty Hunter Role Manual For some tips and tricks.

We hope you have enough money saved to go shopping, because it’s Wild West Fashion Week – or something closest to them, anyway. Every recently revamped limited edition piece of clothing is back in stock! Extensive menu:



  • Woodland gloves
  • Extinguisher gloves

the shoes

  • Strickland shoes
  • Boyer shoes
  • Calhoun shoes
  • Fakeru Baroque Spears, Salter shoes

Jackets & Bandollers

  • Ortega sweater
  • Morales jacket
  • Cardozo sweater
  • Carbo Double Bandolier

Masks and bandana

  • Strange mask
  • Horror mask
  • Pig mask
  • Creature mask
  • Slaughter mask
  • Masquerade mask
  • Patterned bandana – all variants


  • Kuncho pants
  • Tied skirt
  • Unsuccessful socks
  • Griffith Chaps
  • Half the seasons pelt
  • Belted pants
  • See the chapters
  • Carver pants


  • Benbo jacket
  • Porter jacket
  • Charro jacket
  • Brito Poncho
  • Winter coat gun
  • Morning tail coat
  • Eberhart coat
  • Chambellis corset
  • Irwin’s coat
  • Macbae jacket
  • Clymene coat
  • Levitt’s jacket


  • Chimney Squat Tophat
  • Spread chimney hat
  • Crocodile hat
  • Mantika hat
  • Owanjila Hat
  • Raccoon hat
  • Cossack hat
  • Fowl Hat
  • Dillehay Hat
  • Gardenia hat
  • Embossed cap
  • Covington Hat
  • Minasco hat
  • Lester hat
  • A bottle of butyl

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